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Financial Consulting

The cornerstone of a solid financial plan is data. At Ellsworth Advisors, we develop financial plans utilizing a software package called eMoney. eMoney is a robust cloud-based financial planning software that updates as the markets move, when your accounts change and when the underlying assumptions are updated. eMoney can also serve as an aggregator where all of your accounts can be viewed on one screen as well as a secure repository for important documents.

We believe that the key to building a solid financial plan is communication. When we build out a financial plan, we do it by sitting face-to-face with individuals to understand their unique situation. Understanding an individual or family’s background to a very granular level allows us to create a plan based in reality. And when your reality changes, our plan can change with it.

The goal of our financial plans is to keep you focused on the objectives. Many times, a financial plan will validate an individual’s belief that they are on the right path. Unfortunately, sometimes the plan shows that an individual needs to work longer, save more or reduce expenses in order to achieve their goals. Helping people get on track or back on track is our mission. The assumptions may change, but the math does not lie. Understanding your goals and building out a reality-based plan is a powerful tool to ensuring a successful next chapter, whatever you want that chapter to be.

In addition to financial plans, our advisors are here to provide advice for more than just your investment accounts. Our team and affiliated partners have experience in estate planning, public accounting, investment banking and private equity. We are available to offer estate planning advice, tax advice and advice to business owners, whether that advice be an informal business valuation or overview of the merger, acquisition and financing markets. We can even assist in running a process to buy, sell, raise capital or merge a business. At Ellsworth Advisors, we are truly advisors and not just wealth managers.