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Wealth Management

The hallmark of our wealth management practice is managing assets in-house by your Ellsworth Advisors team. Our portfolios largely consist of individual equities, individual bonds, commodities and alternative investments. Our investment research, portfolio construction and trading are also all performed in-house.

Our approach in utilizing individual stocks and fixed income comes from our experience. Many wealth managers utilize mutual funds, bond funds or exchange traded funds to manage a client’s wealth. We believe that this creates excess costs as well as a disconnect in the client / advisor relationship, where the actual management of the wealth is being performed by a non-affiliated third-party. In addition, our experience shows that it is possible to generate appropriate diversification and maintain lower expenses through the use of individual stocks and fixed income. We design our client portfolios with the goal of taking advantage of upside movements while also protecting downside risk. Every portfolio that we build is based on our knowledge of the client, their lifestyle, investment needs, investment horizon, their future milestones and risk tolerance.

For every client, we start by discussing goals in a comprehensive discovery session. This provides a full-framed assessment of your plans, objectives and upcoming cash needs. In addition to individual goals, we discuss family goals and family dynamics in order to gain a comprehensive overview of each client’s unique situation. We then tailor a full discretionary investment strategy that fits you and your life. That includes access to all of our investment professionals with transparent pricing.